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This is Narayani from life234nara. The site was made to be my blog, a place where I create a community where people like me get to create peace and all fun stuff through happiness and kindness.

Life234nara is a 5-year effort, trying to mature and bringing out as many as comebacks whenever we fall we get up and I believe that is our strength. This is my blog and life234nara is an umbrella to hold on to during rainy(tough) times.

Who am I?
I am a college student doing Engineering-Majors in  Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

As a student who has attended and has got a eligible scores in Law entrance as well as Engineering Entrances of the country. Prepared for the medical entrance and has been an active participant in many oratory skills.

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Perks of being part of life234nara

What You Need to Know is that life234nara will be a community creator as well as it will be my area where I share perspectives.